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Vanille Extrakt DIY

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Make your own vanilla extract

Here is a super easy recipe for homemade vanilla extract. Many recipes, especially American ones often use vanilla extract in their ingredient list. Unfortunately, I have never been able to find a so-called “extract” in the supermarket. In most cases, they had vanilla flavor stuff, which tastes very different than real Bourbon vanilla and had nothing to do with extract. Vanilla beans are among the most expensive spices in the world and regular use in the kitchen would unfortunately be extremely expensive. After a bit of research, I realized that you can easily make yourself vanilla extract with just 2 ingredients. The only thing you need is vanilla beans, high alcohol content and a lot of waiting time;) In this way you can stretch the expensive vanilla and use it for a long time and keep it.

I use a 38 percent vodka for my vanilla extract because it has a very neutral taste. Please do not choose the cheapest, because the more expensive ones have a much milder taste. You can also use rum or brandy, just make sure your alcohol has 35-40 percent. The homemade vanilla extract is used only for baking and cooking, which means that the alcohol evaporates.



Vanilla extrakt recipe

Amount: 1 small bottle


  • 3-4 vanilla beans
  • ca. 200ml vodka
  • 1-2 month time


  • Halve the vanilla beans lengthwise. The beans can also be cut into smaller pieces as needed to better fit your bottle.
  • Put the vanilla beans in a clean bottle or disposable glass and cover completely with alcohol.
  • Cover the jar and shake well.
  • The almost finished vanilla extract must now be kept in a cool, dark place for at least one month and occasionally shaken.
  • Before you use the extract, you can taste it and let it sit longer, if you want a stronger taste.
  • When the extract is fully ripened, it can be bottled. The vanilla beans can be redone for another infusion of fresh beans.



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